Teens enjoy treats, television at Teen Nite Tonight


Pramika Kadari

Yesterday, teens crafted crowns at the Cozby Library and Community Commons’ Teen Nite Tonight event. The event’s theme was the CW show “Riverdale”; in the Archie comics the show is based off, the character Jughead wears crowns.

Anthony Cesario, Entertainment Editor

Teens grades six through 12 went “back to school with Riverdale” yesterday at the Cozby Library and Community Commons for its monthly Teen Nite Tonight event.


Ice cream and milkshakes were provided for all attendees. They could add as much whipped cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate syrup or sprinkles as they desired, pop in a red-and-white-striped straw and recline on the furniture in the teen room as they watched the first episode of the popular CW show “Riverdale”.


“[My favorite part of hosting events like this is] finding out what the teens are interested in, and what they are not interested in,” Teen Services Librarian Morgan Griffin said. “Depending on what kind of turnout you get, you realize whether or not you have the right program or not so much, so it’s just like a continual learning experience.”


While some teens socialized or watched the TV show, others made “Jughead crowns” based on the crowns worn by the character of Jughead from the Archie comics, for which “Riverdale” is based. Colored paper, ribbons, sharpies and plastic jewels were provided for everyone to customize their own crown.


“[Teens] should come to meet other people or have something fun to do that is free and nearby, make new friends or just hang out with their current ones,” Griffin said.


The next Teen Nite Tonight events will be held at the Cozby Library on Oct. 18, where teens will be making frankentoys while watching Frankenweenie and Nov. 15, where they will create Sugar Rush candy bars and watch Wreck-It Ralph.

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