Creative Showcase: Junior Yuan Paulino

Andrés Bear, Staff Writer

In middle school, Coppell High School junior Yuan Paulino discovered the art of dancing. He was drawn to the precise choreography displayed by Korean pop groups. BTS’ “DOPE” was the first song that Paulino learned the choreography to and ultimately displayed online. His friends displayed positive feedback to the dance he performed.


He hasn’t stopped since.


“Dancing is a really big passion of mine,” Paulino said. “I’m going to continue to cover K-pop or anything else that people request me to dance to.”


His dance videos have him playing multiple parts that represent individual members in K-pop groups. It is time consuming for Paulino to sync up his dances perfectly, but the wait is worth it. The outcome of his work are dance videos that balance style and technical mastery.


“It’s easier on my part [compared to dance groups] since I’m just covering already existing dances,” Paulino said. “[However] that also puts more pressure on me if I mess it up”


Paulino also has his sights set on music production and rapping. He has plans to combine all of his dreams into one. Imagine a track that is produced, rapped and danced by one person. Paulino aspires to someday become a music industry star.