BTS takes listeners on emotional journey with thrilling conclusion to Love Yourself series


Kelly Wei

BTS returned to the music scene on Friday, Aug. 24 with the conclusion to their Love Yourself series. The album features hit singles such as ‘DNA’, ‘Fake Love’, and ‘Mic Drop’, as well as nine new songs. Graphic by Kelly Wei.

Shravya Mahesh, Staff Writer

“Love myself, love yourself, peace.” These were the closing words said by RM, leader of Korean music group Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS, when the group accepted its Billboard Music Award (BBMA) for Top Social Artist.


Nobody realized it then, but these simple words were a hint about their upcoming album trilogy. Titled Love Yourself, the series takes listeners through a story about loving yourself.


BTS’ Love Yourself series consists of three albums, each depicting a different stage in the process of self-love. Its latest release, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ combines selections from its previous two albums with eight brand new tracks, some remixes and some alternate versions. Side A tells the full story from start to finish, whereas Side B consists of fan favorites and remixes.


The album opens optimistically with “Euphoria”, an electronic dance music (EDM)-pop solo by BTS’ vocalist Jungkook. The track adds an unexpected twist with a gorgeous high note linking the bridge to the final chorus, as well a set of impressive harmonizations. The song exudes happiness with its sound and lyrics, much like its title.


We then jump into “Trivia: Just Dance”, a solo by member J-Hope. The song’s style is reminiscent of songs from his personal mixtape, Hope World. With its EDM influences and dance breaks, the song is fitting for dance-loving J-Hope and the song’s theme — the exhilaration of young love.


The second phase of the album relays the idea of the relationship being “destiny.” Previous release, “Serendipity”, is revamped with acoustic guitar and subtle snaps, giving it an unplugged vibe. The song is a lullaby for the dreamer at heart.


This section also includes RM’s “Trivia: Love”, a jazzy track that fuses fierce rap and singsong into a memorable tune. The lyrics are masterfully written, full of Korean puns and hidden meanings. The song’s charm is RM’s singing – unexpected, yet brilliantly executed. It is definitely a personal favorite.


The third part introduces the twist — this love was never meant to be. Suga’s track “Trivia: Seesaw” has strong funk vibes, similar to previous BTS release “Pied Piper”. Suga’s vocals shine in this track, making it an effective conclusion to the relationship and this section of the album.


The final songs craft a conclusion, starting with “Epiphany”, an emotional pop-rock ballad. The soloist Jin’s vocals are perfect for this track, transforming the song from heavy to soothing. The lyrics are soaked in raw emotion, encouraging listeners to accept their imperfections. Overall, “Epiphany” is almost the crown jewel of the album.


The next track, “I’m Fine”, shares an intro with 2016 release, “Save Me”. This is a strategic move, because the song’s lyrics exchange the dependent, needy lyrics of “Save Me”, for a confident, strong message. The song starts slowly, but the pace picks up quickly, making for a fast and fun song.


The title track “IDOL” fuses traditional Korean and African beats, crafting a fist-pumping self-love anthem. The line, “You can’t stop me loving myself,” gets stuck in listeners’ heads easily, thus implanting the idea in listeners’ minds. With a catchy saxophone and rap-heavy verses to complement, the song is a definite success.


The final track, “Love Myself: Answer”, truly feels like a conclusion. The lyrics are thought-provoking, touching the human soul and healing our deepest wounds. The harmonizations feel slightly messy, yet that is the best part – it is real, honest, unfiltered music at its best. Frankly, that is rare in today’s music industry.


Love Yourself Answer is an emotional rollercoaster — from high to low to a touching medium, the album is BTS at its most versatile yet vulnerable. It is proof that even if the hype is temporary, BTS’ message transcends all boundaries; race, age and even time itself.


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