On the Spot: Red Jacket decision day


Rylee Ferguson

Coppell senior Rachel Okereke leads tours for incoming freshmen alongside other Red Jackets. As the school’s leaders, Red Jackets partakes in many community activities and exemplify leadership in a multitude of ways.

Jessica Hernandez, Staff Writer

A senior year filled with leadership, community activities, and school involvement through Coppell High School’s group of senior ambassadors is on the minds of this year’s Red Jacket applicants.


Every year, students from the incoming senior class can apply for the prestigious group known for its strong leadership at CHS.


“It’s important [to have a group such as Red Jackets] because it makes people feel welcome in such a large school and having a representative from the school to show you the way when you’re first starting out is a great thing,” junior Red Jackets applicant Vasudha Prasad said.


The application process is extensive and helps ensure that the students that are chosen are the best and brightest that CHS has to offer. The process began in February and applicants that made it to the final round will be notified of their acceptance to or denial from the highly-esteemed group this afternoon.


The first round began with an application complete with teacher recommendations. The following round consisted of a video answering a question given by the Red Jacket committee and the third round was a formal interview with the Red Jackets supervisor.


Becoming a Red Jacket does not happen strictly through having the highest grades or test scores – it also requires outgoing and friendly personalities and a willingness to serve the community and be an example for the student body.


“When I moved from New York, the Red Jackets helped me feel really welcomed when I came here freshman year and I want to spread that feeling of comfort to others that are new to Coppell,” Prasad said.


The next class of Red Jackets will be notified this afternoon and their duties as Red Jackets will kick off at graduation for the Class of 2018 on May 31 at 5 p.m.