On the Spot: Senior students auditioning to perform at end of year senior events


Laura Amador Toro

Coppell High School senior Katie Love sings the national anthem at a pep rally. Love is among the students looking to auditioning for an opportunity to sing at graduation and the Senior Awards.

Kelly Wei, Art Editor, Entertainment Editor

What was once a casual custom has now transformed into a beloved Coppell High School tradition.


Today, after school in the choir room, CHS associate principals Sean Bagley, Melissa Arnold and assistant choir director Adam Gilliland will audition six senior students for the opportunity to sing a song of their choice at either graduation or the Senior Awards banquet.


The song must come with an accompaniment and act as a “farewell” address to the senior class.


“The song has to be related to something with going off into the world, growing up,” Bagley said. “It sends the group of students off.”


The performance acts an intermission. Given the lengthy two-hour process of the ceremonies, music and entertainment aim to break up the event.


In the 13 years Bagley has worked at CHS, the tradition has endured for every graduating class. In fact, singing at graduation has even been an occurrence in years preceding Bagley.


“There are a lot of good options [of students],” senior choir student Ashley Benhayoun said. “There are a lot of people from choir, so I’ll be rooting for them.”


Senior Katie Love is among the students auditioning. She has chosen the songs “Long Live” by Taylor Swift and “Thank God For Hometowns” by Carrie Underwood to potentially perform.


“I’ve always loved to perform, so any chance that I get to do so, I take it,” Love said. “I like how singing makes me feel and I like how it makes other people feel.”


Love’s personal and emotional ties to music has inspired her to step out into the spotlight one more time for her high school.


“This is the gift that God gave me, so I’ve always used it,” Love said.


Many seniors are looking forward to this special event.


“I’m so excited for the [graduation performances],” senior Surya Ramesh said. “What’s special is how the singers can encapsulate all of our memories in high school.”