Weaver becomes pom squad finalist at University of Arkansas

By Luciana Mendes
Staff Writer

Lariette captain Meridith Weaver was informed this morning of her status as a University of Arkansas 2010-2011 pom squad video finalist.

Weaver will be up against fourteen other girls in the final round of tryouts. Only one other potential candidate for the team is from the state of Texas.

There are two pom squads at the University of Arkansas: pom red and pom white/RBI. Pom Red is comprised of ten regular and two alternate members who perform at all home football and basketball games, as well as tennis matches. Pom white, also known as Run Bat In, perform between baseball innings and at select football and basketball games.

Final tryouts will take place on April 9-11 in Fayetteville, Ark. All applicants will receive a letter and/or email the week of March 15th with further information.