On the Spot: Madrigal Feast garners excitement from members


Laura Amador Toro

CHS choir students senior Pryce Wensel, senior Rukmini Waranashiwar, juniorJacob Barnez, senior Riya Mahesh and sophomore Max Madlambayan dress up to school before their Madrigal Feast tonight. They will perform today and tomorrow night in the Coppell High School commons at 7 p.m.

Reid Valentine, Staff Writer

Tonight and tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. the doors to the Coppell High School commons will open for a night of feasting, renaissance and show for the 23rd year in a row.


The Coppell High School Madrigals are a staple in the community, known for its costumes and enchanting Christmas songs, it puts on an annual show that feels as if it were 500 years ago.


“It is a play and a concert,” senior Madrigal Queen Riya Mahesh said. “Six or seven seniors put on the play, each with their own role in a royal court. This year the event is about the true meaning of Christmas, and sprinkled in throughout the entire night are some holiday songs from the whole choir.”


On top of the show, the Madrigals go all out with their costumes and decor.


“We are a renaissance choir,” senior Madrigal Princess Tori Kennedy said. “We dress to match the time period, we also completely rearrange the commons and have tons of different backdrops and structures such as a castle.”


Being a choir, the members’ chances to act are slim, but for those selected it is a big deal.


“I am really looking forward to acting,” Kennedy said. “I am the princess so I am super excited to be able to act, along with acting we get to create posters with our pictures and character descriptions.”


CHS choir director Bona Coogle looks forward to seeing the students hard work come to fruition in an emotional night.


“The experience the learners will have is most important to me,” Coogle said. “It is one of those traditions at CHS, [the Madrigals] put in a lot of hours rehearsing and figuring out logistics so the night is really a reward. We also have former Madrigal singers that come back and sing the song ‘Silent Night’ with the current Madrigals, it is very sentimental. I am really looking forward to the learners getting this experience.”