On the Spot: KISS FM attending 2017 homecoming game


Rylee Ferguson

Coppell High School Lariette senior Sarah Wales dances during the homecoming pep rally today. The Lariettes performed their traditional homecoming dance “Wild Wild West”.

Lili Lomas, Executive Digital Content Editor, Sports Editor

The Coppell High School pep rally this morning was paid an unexpected visit. Cruz, a radio host from 106.1 KISS FM, along with other employees from the station were at the pep rally and will be at the football game tonight.


Though Cruz will not be at the game, a KISS FM DJ will be playing music as spectators  fill the stadium. They will be throwing T-shirts into the crowd and the station will be broadcasting scores on the radio.


“I love [the atmosphere],” Cruz said. “The stands are full, kids are attentive, it’s Friday, everyone looks like they’re feeling great and it looks like they are happy to be here. I love all the beautiful mums for homecoming too. It’s awesome.”


Apart from the pep rally, the CHS homecoming spirit has been present in the abnormally loud hallways today. They are filled with bells jingling and feathers rustling as students don their festive homecoming mums and garters.


They are participating in the long standing tradition of wearing the mums and garters on homecoming day which for many has involved weeks of preparation.


“My mom actually makes them so she starts with the base and lays out all the ribbons and where she wants them and she staples them in and she starts getting letters and decorations,” sophomore Haley Holcomb said. “If it’s not ‘glam’ enough, she’ll add sparkles and add the bear and it’s just a long process.”


Though the mums and garters of all grade levels include small personalizations making them unique to each couple, the most distinctive mums seen in the halls belong to seniors. Their mums, which are traditionally all white instead of black and red, are notoriously larger than the other grade levels’ and are a symbol of farewell to this high school tradition.


“It represents how far we’ve come in the last four years and the friendships that I’ve been able to grow through,” senior Cassy Simpson said. “It’s cool to see all the girls in the hallways and all the guys and their garters and it represents CHS pride.”


Students will sport their mums and garters to tonight’s football game vs Lake Highlands, which starts at 7:30 p.m. With attendance more students than normal as well as KISS FM, there is an expected increased turnout to the homecoming game.