Strength, sweat and Sperries: With support of teammates, Moe sets school squat record at annual football fundraiser


Hannah Tucker

Coppell High School junior KK Moe stretches out after lifting weights on Friday in the CHS weightroom. Last Monday Moe tied the CHS record for weightlifting at the Lift-a-thon.

Tanya Raghu, Staff Writer

While the pain shot through his trembling legs and blood vessels ruptured in his eyes as he carried 505 pounds, his reputation and the Coppell football program on his back, all junior KK Moe could think about was the relief he would feel in a few short seconds.


Moe’s achievement was the highlight of the April 24 Lift-A-Thon in the Coppell High School weight room, annually hosted by the Coppell Football team.

With the help of their fellow teammates, many personal records were set and in one special case, a school one.


Moe’s squat of 505 pounds tied the school record, previously set by 2014 Coppell High School graduate Solomon Thomas and San Francisco 49ers first round draft pick.


“I know [Moe] was really excited, that was a goal he had set so it’s really neat when your kids can do things like that and their parents were there watching,” CHS football head coach Mike Dewitt said.


The feat was done impressively in Sperry top-siders, shoes designed for boating, while the boys gathered around to encourage him.


The primary purpose of the event is to showcase the efforts of the boys to the community and parents while also serving as a fundraiser to help the weight equipment.  


“The first purpose behind it is to try to get our community and parents out to see all the hard work that our kids have put in, so that’s the big piece of it,” Dewitt said. “So [on April 24], we had our actual lift-a-thon to where those kids got to compete in the weight room and their parents were there and got see them so it’s a great opportunity for them to showcase everything they have been working for.”


Ahead of the event, the athletes sent forms to their family and friends, encouraging them to give either a flat donation or choose a certain amount of money to match each pound lifted.


“I excited and we got to do it with our teammates which was really fun, just cheering on people we know.” freshman football player Josh Williams said. “I think he has a bright future, especially in football and wrestling, he put in a lot of hard work and it paid off.”


Although the fundraiser does not dramatically contribute to the program’s booster club, it is brought back every year since the event allows the boys to gauge their progress while encouraging camaraderie.


“I enjoyed how the whole football team got hyped over it and it was not only about me, it was about the team too,” Moe said. “Everyone was doing their best, not just me.”