Jazzy jokes for all folks: Eight brilliant April Fools’ pranks to pull


Thomas Rousseau

You can make this April Fools’ Day a memorable one by playing a variety pranks on friends and family. Examples range from the classic toothpaste in oreos to a creative anti prank.

Akila Muthukumar, Staff Writer

With April Fools’ Day tomorrow, you may be wondering how to have a little harmless fun with some friends or family. Look no further as this list compiles eight pranks ranging from the class oreo cookies and toothpaste to a very original anti-prank that is bound to make this Saturday a memorable one.

1. Oreos and toothpaste
While some knock-knock jokes can get old, this prank never does. Carefully split apart the the cookies in an oreo and scrape the white cream. Then, take a tube of white toothpaste and apply a small circle on one cookie. Gently cover with the second cookie and hand to an unsuspecting friend. Just be sure they are near a sink when you had them this treat!

2. Creative cup
This one allows for quite a bit of creativity. Take a paper or styrofoam cup, turn it upside down and use a bright Sharpie to write a message that something horrible is trapped under it. Leave the cup on a desk and watch as someone eyes the cup suspiciously all day.

3. Lucky lamp
Use a sheet of dark construction paper and cut out the silhouette of a dark bug with a recognizable shape, perhaps a spider or beetle. Remember this prank works best on the friends who are deathly scared of little critters. Tape the bug onto the inside of a lamp and leave the lamp on in a dark room. Hide in the room and wait for your friend to enter for an optimal experience.

4. Mouse magic
Block a computer mouse sensor with a piece of paper and some tape. Watch a friend try plugging and unplugging wires and changing mouse pads as the struggle to make the cursor move. For added creativity, tape a funny picture or meme to surprise your friend when they finally turn over the mouse.

5. Caramel Onions
While this one requires the loss of a perfectly good onion, the tears of joy you experience after seeing the prank come to life will be well worth it. Take an onion (roughly the size of an apple) and dip into caramel sauce. Pop a popsicle stick into the center of the delightful good and offer to anyone with a sweet tooth.

6. Phony Phone
While all the pranks described above can be done with everyday objects and at minimal cost, this one requires neither preparation nor spending. Ask a friend to borrow their phone (or just sneak away with it) and set alarms for strange times in the middle of the night. Change the language settings as well and check out how long it takes them to revert it back.

7. Funny Food
Take an empty pizza or donut box (perhaps you can eat the real food beforehand) and then fill it with lettuce or a green vegetable. To personalize this prank and maximize disappointment, choose your friend’s favorite treat for the container and their least favorite vegetable for the inside. Perhaps have an extra slice of pizza or donut hole to console them after this surprise.

8. Ultimate anti-prank
With everyone on slightly, slightly suspicious on April Fools’ Day, an anti-prank will be completely unexpected. Do something genuinely nice for someone – perhaps offer them candy or tell them you cooked for them and watch as they immediately decline.