Spring has sprung: taking advantage of your break


Elena Gillis

Spring break is officially here and with it, comes the time to do all the things students have not had time for. From cleaning up your space to exploring a new area, there are so many things students should take the time to do this week.

Fiona Koshy, Staff Writer

Spring break is officially upon us, which means that for a week, there will be no projects, homework or other day to day activities that traditionally fill up our time.


The idea of having an entire week to yourself seems a bit foreign by this time of year, as many of us have become very conditioned to busy days, long nights and never ending to-do lists that come with high school.


It is important that spring break be used to its fullest, that this time serves as a reset, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to head back to school for the rest of the year.  


Below are six tips as to how you can make the most out of your spring break this year.



It is called spring cleaning for a reason. This can be broken down in three simple steps: decluttering, reorganizing and cleaning. Getting rid of old or unused items will free up your space and leave you feeling more in control of your life. Not only is cleaning beneficial for your peace of mind, but it also decreases the chances of catching germs that take the form of dust and lint.


“I’m going to spend my spring break making up on sleep and cleaning up my room which I haven’t done since winter break of last year,” Coppell High School junior Jia Jari said. “During the school week, I have a lot of work and on the weekends, I try to relax from the stress of the week, so spring break is when I plan to do all the things I haven’t had time for.”


Getting enough sleep

As the school year progresses, the amount of time we find ourselves sleeping dwindles. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need anywhere from eight to 10 hours of sleep each night to function at their best each day. Because this is rare for most students while school is in session, utilizing the week off to get sleep will leave you feeling refreshed when it comes time to get back into school. Apps such as Sleep Cycle, Beddit and SleepBot help you get your sleep schedule back on track.


Going outside

If weather permits, spending time outdoors during the spring time is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whether that means going on a run with friends or walking your dog, making time to get outside before the sweltering summer heat makes for a great use of your time. Furthermore, getting outside has proved to be a form of stress relief and increase creativity.


Continuing your interests

We often use break as an excuse to drop anything and everything, however, using the extended period can work in your benefit. Continuing your hobbies and interests over break will only further hone your skills in said areas, plus, it is an excuse to take time to do something you love.


Try something new

Use break as an excuse to try something you have always wanted to do. Trying something new can be as simple as taking a painting class or as difficult as learning a new instrument. Whatever it is, using break to try out a new activity will broaden your horizons and introduce you to things that you may have never even paid attention to.



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