Mavs win in trade with Wiz

By Travis Bremner
Staff Writer

The major headlining story around the National Basketball Association over the weekend was the annual All-Star game at Cowboys Stadium. However, a little under the radar was the Dallas Mavericks made a significant trade.

The Mavericks teamed up with the Washington Wizards to complete a seven player deal. Washington sent forward Caron Butler, big man Brendan Haywood and little used guard DeShawn Stevenson to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, Quinton Ross and James Singleton. The Mavericks also received cash considerations.

For the Wizards, the trade merely begins their long awaited rebuilding project. Dallas, however, gets a rejuvenation coming out of the All-Star with the additions of Butler and Haywood.

The Mavericks improve in a number of areas with this deal. First off, they get rid of Josh Howard who has ankles made of glass, off the court problems (e.i. smoking marijuana during the offseason and telling the world) and not performing at the level he should.

Secondly, they are getting two terrific players that fit in nicely here, Butler jumps right into Howard’s position and Haywood fills a much needed void in the paint area defensively, as Erick Dampier continues to be injured or ineffective.

This move also sets up to where Dallas could have roughly 20 million dollars in cap space at season’s end with expiring contracts.
This deal doesn’t put the Mavericks above the Los Angeles Lakers, probably not even the Denver Nuggets, but it makes them decidedly better in the short term and long term, and will provide a spark that is currently lacking.