Academic encouragement through honor roll lunch


Jessica Jun, Staff Writer

Coppell High School has always been widely known for its high, rigorous academic standards. Students, teachers and administrators have worked hard to maintain such a prestigious status by providing students the opportunity to feel rewarded for their academic success through honor roll lunch.


Honor roll lunch has been a part of CHS for many years and it has resonated with the students and served as an academic motivating factor, encouraging students to work hard and earn the privilege of eating lunch off campus.


“Honor roll lunch is meant to be a positive reinforcement for academic grades,” CHS Principal Mike Jasso said. “It’s really just an incentive to get [the students] to focus in on academics and try to do as well as they can.”


In order to obtain “red” honor roll lunch, a student must earn at least B’s in all of his or her classes while receiving all A’s can allow a student to earn “gold” lunch. This technique has had a largely positive impact on many seniors, leaving them with memorable lunch experiences.


“Honor roll lunch was a great experience because it let you have a special experience with your friends and it was a really big motivator for everyone,” CHS senior Amy Reed said. “I’ll miss how it feels to get out of class on that one day, and how it rewarding it felt. Not every kid got to do honor roll lunch and it was just special.”


While seniors have said goodbye to the honor roll lunches, underclassmen look forward to continuing to take advantage of this opportunity.


“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go off campus this year,” CHS sophomore Sara Koh said. “I’m looking forward to being able to have longer lunches with my friends.”


Students have also recognized the rewarding experience that honor roll lunch has left with them.


“The best part about honor roll lunch is that it’s kind of like a signal that I was being rewarded for my hard work,” CHS junior Alan Huo said. “It’s more than just eating outside of school; it’s a celebration. Just looking forward to the honor roll lunch days has motivated me to work much harder in school.”


As the honor roll lunch tradition continues, teachers and administrators hope that it will continue to have a resonating impact on the students and encourage them to put forth their best effort in all that they do.