Find your summer sound

Jamie Kimbrell, Staff Writer

“3….2….1…. Summer!” The battle cry of CHS students as they rush out of the doors of our school and into new-found summer freedom. With hot weather and lazy afternoons to come, nothing pairs better with beating the Texas summer heat than a cool playlist; sit back and relax into the good vibes of my summer playlist.


“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire


This song is perfect for summer even though it’s called September. It’s a fun tone to dance around to with your best friends or jam out to in the car on the way to the beach or just relaxing at home.


“It’s the perfect summer like vibe,” sophomore Pavi Kaur said. ”Ten out of 10 would recommend.”


“Drive” by Glades


This song is a great song to play on the drive home after a long day of summer fun; especially when everyone is tired and ready to nap. It’s soothing and calming melody makes a perfect fit for a nap in the back seat.


“American Money” by BORNS


The song has a very chill like vibe to it; it’s slow but not too slow. It has just the right tempo for it to be a song to play while you are sitting by the fire and eating s’mores. It’s also one of those songs where you can just vibe out to while on a road trip with it’s soothing words and beat.


“WILD” by Troye Sivan


This song is the perfect song to add to your playlist. Unlike most summer beats, WILD has the techno-dubstep beat everyone has been obsessing over lately. It’s also an awesome song to do karaoke to! So add it to your playlist and have a blast going WILD with Troye Sivan.


“Ophelia” by The Lumineers


This track is another perfect song for your drive home or for a lazy afternoon. The Lumineers kept it nice and simple yet so effective in playing a toll in your feels. Whether you are relaxing in the sun, or driving in the car, The Lumineers unique vocals are sure to put you into a relaxed mood.