Q&A: Snapshots from the past: Clark inspires from photography and graphics career


Aubrie Sisk

Ann Clark is an AP Art History, Digital Graphics and Art I teacher at Coppell High School. Previous to her teaching career, she worked as a graphic designer and photographer for major businesses, restaurants and companies.

Tanya Raghu, Staff Writer

Ann Clark is an AP Art History, Digital Graphics and Art I teacher at Coppell High School. Prior to teaching, she worked as a graphic designer and photographer for 28 years. Clark primarily shot wedding and portraits and currently owns a photography business of her own. As a very qualified educator with real life field experience, her professional career enhances her student’s educational experience.


What factors while growing up convinced you that art was your passion?

It was what I always loved to do as a child. My mother was a big influence on me since she was very artistic. Art has always been a part of my life. I earned a scholarship in high school and I knew I wanted to pursue art.


Which types of pictures are your expertise?

I used to do weddings but they are too stressful. But now, I love outdoor and nature photography. I co-taught with North Lake College for 10 years at Big Bend National Park and it was very fun teaching the students to shoot in open air. The pre-digital days, we had film in our cameras and every time you took a shot, you would pray it was the right one. You would have to drop it off at the lab and wait for it to come back and that was what made weddings so stressful, you had one time to get it right. If you mess that up, you pretty much blown everyone’s memories.


Prior to teaching, where did you work and what type of art did you do?
I was a graphic designer and photographer for 28 years and I did a lot of freelance work for many different clients. I primarily did menu and logo design for Dallas area restaurants. Teaching doesn’t allow me that time to do as much photography anymore but I shot professionally since 1980.


Did you have any intention of teaching previously?

I didn’t think about teaching until my children were in grade school and I knew I loved to be in that environment and I felt that art was a good way to share that passion and be involved with young people.   


Do you have any advice for upcoming artists?

Always draw, doodle and sketch. Art is like sports, dance or music, you have to practice to get better. If someone asked me to draw right now, I would be a bit rusty because I have not drawn in a long time but that is a skill that you have to nurture.