Cantrell voices perspective on new freshman center

Jamie Kimbrell, Staff Writer

For Coppell ISD alumni and current students, Coppell Middle School West’s historical location is a central point in our city’s educational buildings. Once home to the original senior high school, West is once again to house high school students as it transforms into a future freshman center.


Although West has been home for thousands of Coppell ISD students, the campus has been home to middle school physical education teacher/coach Brandi Cantrell for the past 12 years. She prepares to adapt to the next chapter for Coppell Middle School West.


When did you first hear that West was becoming a freshman center?


There was talk about it at the end of last year but more, the entire year, this year.


What was your first reaction when you heard that West was becoming a freshman center?


I think I was in shock because I’ve been here for 12 years and knowing the history of West, how long it has been here and it was the first middle school. It was hard to hear and then to imagine. New Tech was already one thing to wrap your head around, but then to hear that you are going to have a freshman center and a new middle school. I was just kind of shocked at first but then intrigued to find out the ideas behind it.


How do you feel about the fact that you have to pack up all your stuff and move to a new campus?


I’m excited. I got used to a comfort zone, being here for 12 years. I’m kind of ready for a change. I don’t want to get stagnant and I think moving to a new place will have new possibilities, so that’s exciting.


What impact on students do you think West becoming a freshman center will have?


Well, I think it will actually bring them closer together before they get into high school because they are coming together from three different middle schools into one freshman center. I think it will be good for them to be by themselves and it will make them a closer knit and it will progress into being sophomores, juniors and seniors all together. I think it will hopefully bring them closer together with more friendships and will establish a sense of community and belonging.