Cold Breed making noise

Student formed progressive rock band Cold Breed now are playing to bigger audiences

Eric Cashimere, Staff Writer

With its odd and seemingly arbitrary changes in time signature and tempo, progressive rock is a genre of music that is meant for bands that want a challenge. A trio of Coppell sophomores may have stepped up to the plate.


Guitarist Ali Mithani and bassist Matt Gaffney have been listening to progressive rock heroes since they were little. Now, they are living out some of those dreams on a much smaller scale with their band Cold Breed.


After countless hours of jamming in one room with basic equipment, they have now distinguished themselves musically and have a clear path of where they want to go musically.


“Playing this type of music stimulates you physically and mentally and in the end it gives you a lot of gratification for playing the material right,” Mithani said.


The band has been working on new songs and ideas since the 8th grade and now they are in a position to show off their talent to a broader audience.


“After a couple years of hard work it’s good to have some sort of reward like playing to an audience,” Gaffney said.


Bands like Dream Theater, Guthrie Govan and Rush have had significant influence on Cold Breeds music.


“They are a fun band to listen to because they are different from most modern music that we hear; it makes you think about what you’re hearing a little more than usual,” Coppell sophomore Nate Fernandes said.


“Spearhead”, one of Cold Breed’s first songs incorporates hard hitting guitar riffs, drum fills and heavy bass tone. Whereas “Faustian Beings” has a lighter side and a more catchy riff.


“I love playing the song ‘Stratosphere’ because it makes me feel involved in the piece and it’s difficult to play,” Mithani said.


The band now has some small shows set up for free. They are now going to be playing tonight at 728 Post Oak Drive in Coppell.