Surviving prom on a budget

Maggie Theel, Staff Writer

Excitement, romance and spray tans are roaming the hallways of Coppell High School this week because the 2016 CHS Prom is tomorrow.


For high schoolers, prom is a fun and exciting event where they can get dressed up and have a great night with their friends. However, prom season also indicates a multitude of expenses: hair appointments, tux rentals, corsages and more.


“Although I believe that spending money on hair, makeup, nails and other expenses can get excessive, I understand the desire for these services, especially since I have two daughters,” mother of CHS alumna, Alex Ianni, and CHS junior, Danielle Ianni, Diane Mitchell said. “But students should help pay for these expenses, be appreciative and not too demanding.”


The price of prom has risen to crazy heights and many students, such as CHS junior Erin Jordan, are searching for less expensive alternatives. For example, doing your own hair or makeup can cut costs down.


“I’m going to my friend’s house [before prom] and, because we’re both in theatre and we both have a background in makeup, we’re going to do our makeup together,” Jordan said.


Class of 2013 CHS alumna Kalei Galloway also did her own makeup as well as her own hair for her senior Prom.


“If you’re good at your hair and makeup and know what you want to do I would definitely recommend it,” Galloway said. “If you are uncertain and don’t think you could do as well as you would want, then I would say go ahead and find someone you think would not only do a good job, but make you feel beautiful.”


It is important to determine what you need to spend money on and create a budget. Being creative and thrifty can help save money. Comparing prices or doing your own hair, makeup and nails can also help.


For some people, splurging on beauty appointments and fancy dresses can be part of the fun of Prom, but the amount of money they spend on Prom will not determine their experience.


“I had a phenomenal prom experience, but I think [having fun at prom] has more to do with the people you are with and less to do with your physical presentation,” Galloway said.


To many, buying the most expensive dress and hiring professionals to do your hair and makeup are much less important than the friends that you spend your night with and the memories that you make.