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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

What will the Super Bowl bring to the table this year?

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees face off in Super Bowl XLIV

By Wren Culp

Staff Writer

Video by Corban Rubinson with KCBY

The Colts and the Saints battle it out on February 7th to see who will become the champion of the NFL.

For Peyton Manning, playing the team that his father tried so hard to turn around will be a little interesting. Manning grew up in the city of New Orleans, watching his dad try to turn the worst team in the league around.

The matchup will be interesting to watch, especially considering that Manning and Brees are connected friends.

Offensive Advantage: Indianapolis

The Colts have offensive weapons that cannot be contained. Peyton Manning is undeniably the best quarterback in the league, and you cannot stop every receiver they have. Pierre Garcon had eleven receptions in the win over the Jets, and don’t expect anything less. Then you have to worry about Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, and Reggie Wayne. Too much for the Saints too handle.

Defensive Advantage: Indianapolis

The Colts defense is the most underrated squad in the league. But in the playoffs they always seem to rise. With Dwight Freeney questionable, that does leave some gaps in the D-line, but in the end the safeties and secondary will keep Brees off of his game. My advice for the Colts is to watch what the Dallas Cowboys did to the Saints. Learn from them.

Special Teams Advantage: New Orleans

The idea of Reggie Bush returning punts is scary. And the Colts have usually never been that good defending any of the special teams. The Saints kicker Garrett Hartley nailed a field goal to win the game against the Vikings, but that doesn’t mean anything, especially after missing a short field goal against Tampa Bay weeks before. But the Saints are looking good here.

Coaching Advantage: Indianapolis

Yes, Sean Payton is a good coach. But Jim Caldwell went 14-2 in his head coaching debut. That’s amazing for anybody. It took Sean Payton a long time to really get his team going. This one goes to Indianapolis.

Prediction: Indianapolis 35 New Orleans 28

The Saints are good, but the Colts are just better. They have an all around better team, and they have Peyton Manning. You cannot stop Peyton Manning. You can throw him off his rhythm, but sooner or later he will figure out what you are doing on defense and he will attack it all night. Saints are good, but the Colts are just better.

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