Faces of The Trump Rally

By Marisa Thakady and Alana Rood

Thomas Rousseau, Staff Writer

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump draws quite an interesting crowd whenever he shows up to a rally. Last Friday’s rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center was no different.


Mike Chenault was present at the Trump rally, and was dressed a bit different than most. Chenault had a raccoon skin hat and a traditional leather outfit complete with tassels. Friday was the anniversary of the start of the siege of the Alamo.

“It’s Alamo week, the siege was 180 years ago, still fighting today,” Chenault said. “[Trump]’s against the Republican establishment, the Republican establishment is no better than the Democratic Party.”


Everett Jackson (center) took a day off work to visit the Trump rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

“I believe he’s not a politician, and that’s a big attribute for him,” Jackson said. “There was just a highlight interview of him saying that he loves black people, it’s perception, the media always skews things.”


Vincent Simon is a Muslim who attended the rally to show his disagreeance with Mr.Trump’s “divisive” talking points. Simon said he had an “open mind” about the future of the race were Trump to end up adding more substance and details to his goals. Simon has also been present at other controversial local events, he was seen at the counter protests at the Irving Mosque.

“I am here because I don’t agree with the message Mr.Trump is spreading about Muslims and hate, and I’m just here to listen and let him know that this is America,” Simons said. “What ever happened to ‘give me your tired, give me your poor, your huddled masses’?”

Simon was seen towards the end of the rally being escorted out of the Fort Worth Convention Center by several police officers, shortly beforehand there was a scuffle just outside the media box between him and several other attendees.


“Now we’re saying ‘don’t give me anybody’ we want everybody out, ‘America for Americans,’ which we all know is code for if you’re not Anglo-White Saxon Protestant then this is not your country,” Simon said.


Lynn Toomer (right) is a veteran of the Marine Corps, and served in Somalia, as well as operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

“I’m here to see if I support Mr.Trump, I like him because he’s not a damn politician; politicians have been lying to us for a hundred years, he’s the only one that’s not a lifetime politician, I really like that aspect,” Toomer said. “America’s tired of the B.S.”

Richard Collins (left) is an Army Veteran who is in support of Mr.Trump.

“If he reforms the VA, one thing, he’s done his job,” Collins said. “I know too many people that are this close to being dead, that if they had help, it would not be that way, There is too many people that are too jacked up that are not getting help.”


Dwight Sharpe is a veteran of the Korean War and believes Trump is the best candidate for the veterans of America.

“He’s going to be the next president, I did not come here for nothin’,” Sharpe said. “Trump is not a politician, he’s a businessman, that’s what America needs.”


Lance Williams is a supporter of Trump and has also been in the music industry for quite some time.

“I am here because I have been following the political process for over 50 years, I am a collector of memorabilia, I believe Donald Trump has the guts to say what many people are thinking, but have been afraid to say so because of us being in the era of political correctness,” Williams said. “I believe the man has the [bravery] to stand up to our enemies, the same way Dwight D. Eisenhower did and be able to establish America as the number one leader in the world again.”

Williams is a collector of political memorabilia and has campaign buttons and other items dating all the way back to the late 1800s.

“I’ve studied various political campaigns going all the way back to about the 1820s, I have seen a lot of changes in my years, I have toured with heavy metal bands for 20 years, so I have gotten to travel the world and see a lot of things and if America does not do something now to reassert itself, it is going to become a second or third rate country.” Williams said. “All the headbangers are behind him.”


“I dressed like this for a Halloween costume party, and I won a prize, so then when my friends and I decided to come here they said I have to go as Trump again,” Honey Adams said. “I like that Trump is a businessman, he understands what it is like to be an employer so therefore he knows how to make it easier for businesses to open up for our people, we’ll have jobs again, jobs are everything.”