Diversity Club brings friendly atmosphere to students of varied backgrounds


The Co-Presidents of the Diversity Club, Abhi Minivanan (left), and Naureen Wjajahat (right).

Thomas Rousseau, Staff Writer

With Coppell’s rapidly changing demographics, it can be hard for some students to feel included in certain groups or communities. The Diversity Club seeks to change that.

Co-president junior Naureen Wajahat does most interaction with the group’s members and Co-president junior Abhi Manivannan is more occupied in organizing meetings and talks to the charity groups Diversity Club hopes to reach out to.

“We started out as the South Asian Community because we realized [there was] such a big population [of South Asian students] here at the school and we wanted to embrace that,” Wajahat said. “But then later we met up with [sponsor Mrs. Gulshan Mir] and she had the idea of being a more diverse club to encompass everyone.”

The Diversity Club has held two meetings and will meet again Feb. 3 at 7:50 a.m. in room A110.

“We decided to have movie nights, where we can explore different cultures,” Wajahat said. “We also want to include foreign exchange students into our program and help them have a sense of family here.”

The first movie night is planned to be sometime during the end of February or the beginning of march.

The club is also looking to raise charity money for the recent flood in India and getting school supplies to struggling schools in third world countries. Recently they have promised to donate to Flint, Michigan which has been the center of a major water quality crisis.

“We’re really hoping to expand our membership to other cultures and hopefully by the end of the year we will have an established meeting time,” Wajahat said. “We are going to have different projects going on at the same time with fundraising and cultural events.”

The Diversity Club hopes to expand to field trips as part of their activities in the near future.

The club has about 15 members and hopes to have each member to bring a friend to upcoming meetings to increase membership.

“When you are in such a big school, there are so many people it is easy to feel like you do not fit in anywhere,” Manivannan said. “We really want to provide a community where people can fit in regardless of what your ethnicity is.”

The group hopes to create a better learning environment for students.

“They feel welcome, there’s somebody that knows their language. somebody knows their culture, and everything comes together by being together,” Mir said.

The Diversity Club is relatively new compared to most at Coppell High School, however those involved have an optimistic outlook going forward.
“We are moving in the right direction, we are looking into advertising about our club, and having more people join our club, as well as getting more people to know about our club,” Mir said. “We have many different programs laid out, we spoke about them at our second meeting and I think it should be pretty good.”