Seniors fly solo to Homecoming 2009

By Luciana Mendes
Staff Writer

With Homecoming creeping up, the Coppell High School student body is scrambling to get dates, make mums and garters and find just the right outfit to wear to the dance on Sept. 26.

“I think homecoming is a great way to show our school spirit and although it can get pretty expensive it is an extremely fun week,” senior Dallas Riney said. “The game on Friday night is a blast because the stands are jam-packed. It is an awesome way to start off the school year because it gets everyone pumped up.”

However, this year, many of students in the senior class remain dateless. Although there are number of girls and boys who have found someone to accompany them to Homecoming, it seems as if the majority of the graduating class is flying solo.

“Homecoming is so early every year and it’s still weird to see everyone for the first time once school starts,” senior Lundy Switzer. “It kind of feels like it sneaks up on us. I don’t think the guys even care anymore. It’s just not as big of a deal as it used to be.”

Contrary to Switzer’s belief though, the reason that many boys have yet to ask dates may not be because they simply don’t care. Rather, they just don’t take into account exactly how soon the annual Homecoming celebration is. 

“I didn’t even realize Homecoming was in a couple weeks,” senior Nick Rupp said. “That’s news to me. Maybe I will ask someone though; I mean, it is our last year. You’re only a senior in high school once.”

In the guy’s defense, however, many high school girls are dating older boys who have graduated and moved on from the halls of CHS. Because of this, homecoming group dynamics are off-balanced. Some people are skipping out on homecoming altogether.

“My boyfriend Andy is ordering a mum for me even though he won’t be in town until that Saturday night,” senior Lariette captain Meridith Weaver said. “I don’t really feel like I’m missing out by not going with a boy in my own grade because I always enjoy my time with him. Plus, not many of my friends have been asked as of now so I’m not sure who all is actually planning on celebrating homecoming this year.”

Despite the time remaining before the homecoming festivities begin (Sept. 21-Sept. 25), there is still time for the lonesome senior class to snag a date.