Q AND A: Dennis dresses the part for homecoming week


Elena Gillis, Staff Writer

Coppell High School varsity sophomore Mackenzie Dennis leads a cheer during the homecoming football game at Buddy Echols Stadium on Sept. 11. Dennis’ school spirit carries into the football game, after dressing up for the homecoming themed days all week. Photo by Mallorie Munoz.

By Elena Gillis
Staff Writer

As homecoming week comes to an end, Coppell High School continues preparing in more ways than one- in addition to prepping for the football game and the dance, the students have built up their school spirit and they’re ready for game day. Sophomore varsity cheerleader Mackenzie Dennis has dressed up every day, both this year and last. 

What has been your favorite dress up day overall and why?

My favorite day overall has been “Pajama Day” because it’s really comfy and more people dress up.

What has been your favorite outfit to dress up in?

My favorite outfit was from last year’s dress up days. It was “TV Show Day”, and it was my favorite because it was fun to see the characters that everyone dressed up as and what shows people watched. I went as a Powerpuff girl and I got two of my friends dress up with me.

What has been your favorite outfit you’ve seen?

For “Once Upon a Time Day” this year, I saw someone with Maleficent horns that were made out of duct tape and those looked really cool.

If you could choose a dress up day for next year, what would it be and why?

I would choose to have a “Fandom Day” for everyone to showcase what they like and people can express their nerdiness and to make new fandom friends.

What do the dress up days mean to you?

The dress up days are a fun way to get people involved with school spirit and to get everyone excited for homecoming.

Do you know why these specific dress up days were chosen?

I don’t know specifically. Student council is in charge of picking the themes for each day.

What made you want to dress up?

Dressing up every day is fun and it shows school spirit. It’s also a good way to get other people more interested in being spirited because it’s fun to see what people go as.

What do you think was the difference between a normal school day and a dress up day? Did the costumes affect anything?

Dressing up made school seem more fun because the teachers are dressed up, too. Other than that, though, everything seemed normal.