Picnic kicks off spring break, celebrates seniors

By Jordan Bickham
Staff Writer

Senior year is the year that everyone looks forwards to.  Not only are you the highest grade at the school, but you are also about to graduate.  And with the upperclassman status comes many fun opportunities. During senior year, students are given numerous opportunities to have the greatest year.  Some of these chances include senior prom, senior skip day and the senior picnic.  This Friday marks the senior picnic, one of the exciting events of senior year and a great way to kick off spring break.

At lunch, administration has been collecting six dollars from seniors for the picnic that takes place this Friday during fourth and fifth period.  Not only do seniors get to miss two class periods, but they also get to eat a great sandwich from the wonderful grocery store, Market Street.  The lunch will take place behind the field house on the beautiful Friday afternoon.

The last day to pay for the picnic is today during lunch, so do not forget your six dollars and have fun at the picnic this Friday before break!