High school greek life

By Jordan Thompson

Staff Writer

Not everyone has to wait until college to pledge-to my dismay, high school sororities and fraternities do exist.

While are not limited to southern states, high school greek life is much more common below the mason-dixon line. Many high schools in the “south” (think Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas ) have mini versions of NPC sororities.  In fact, if you are a member of one of these “sororities” it may actually be a feeder for its sister sorority on one of the many southern, SEC college campuses.

Though greek life does not exist at CHS, there are many students who plan to rush once they head off to college. However, if CHS was indeed home to its own greek life, would you be interested? Here’s a few High School Sororities and Fraternities to check out:

Aleph Zadik Aleph

Phi Kappa National Fraternity

Sigma Alpha Rho