Taking part in politics important at any age

By Ben Cowlishaw
Staff Writer

While some, me included, cringe a little when we hear someone write off a political discussion as “boring” or claim it “does not affect us,” that attitude towards politics has become almost a norm amongst high school students. With an upcoming election and much debate occurring daily on some of the biggest issues of our time, I find it hard to conceive of not caring about the current political landscape.

Politics may seem boring or irrelevant in a student’s life because he or she may not be old enough to vote, but that does not warrant writing off discussion and debate as annoying and unnecessary. We, as Americans, have such an amazing privilege of getting to take part in our government that to not participate and become active and knowledgeable, at any age, is to do so in vain.

Too often, students just take the views of their parents or peers without thinking for themselves about how they really feel on an issue. I challenge anyone who doesn’t already do so to take a few minute out of an afternoon or evening to read about a current political subject they don’t know very much about or have only been provided one-sided facts on. Think about how it affects you, now or in the future, and develop your own opinion on the matter.

In being given the privilege that so many wish for, we have a responsibility to be involved and concerned with the issues. There is no better time to start getting involved than now, when the whole world sits before you and endless resources are at your domain.

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