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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

End of year, beginning of stress

By Tanner McCord
Staff Writer

Test in math and physics, final Sidekick deadlines, projects and papers due in multiple classes, read this book for English class. Oh, and here is your final review.

May the cramming begin.

Every year it happens, the unavoidable mass of projects and tests that pile up at the start of the final six weeks. The time when students are checked out and teachers think “Hmm. I should probably start putting some grades in the grade book.” So an individual project is assigned on top of a group project and another teacher does the same because hey, who assigns end of the year projects?

Apparently, everyone.

With summer very clear on the horizon students quickly begin to believe that the end of the year will bring relaxed weeks and nap days in their classes, and year after year we seem surprised by the end of the year workload.

AP tests on top of regular tests on top of projects on top of final reviews on top of finals.

It really is the most stressful time of the year. Lets take a moment to read my schedule last week. First period held a test, second period had test, third I had a story deadline (this story), fourth period a test, fifth I had a paper due as well as a presentation, and sixth I have to had to read a book and write a timed writing over it, plus the other project in that class that is due on May 23.


But don’t worry, the projects will soon be over as well as the tests. Until, of course, finals week begins… Luckily, exemptions become an option this time of year to give students a break from the barrage of tests they receive the week before.

Luckily, AP tests have officially concluded and with a mere two weeks left, exemptions are becoming more and more clear. This is where these final grades become either a blessing or a curse. Getting good grades on such important assignments can drastically raise your grade, however getting poor grades can only add to the number of tests and hours you have to stay awake studying.

Despite being a junior, I am already so excited for college, I can only imagine the seniors suffering from senioritis. Getting these last tests and projects out of the way and getting into their closets to pack for college has to be the only thing they think about.

All we are waiting for are those TAKS scores to be sent in and making sure our alarms go off so we can prevent further tardies and absences.

But it is not over until the fat lady sings… or until you get your college acceptance letters and commit to college and check out of high school. But either way, the end of the year is upon us as well as all the stress that it brings. All we can do it study it out and cope with it as we have all year.

Good luck to all those taking finals and finalizing projects, and good luck to the graduating class of 2012.

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