Seniors scramble to find roommates

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Today, May 1st is the official day in which 2012 seniors must decide on where they will be attending school next year and today also means that room selection for dorms is coming up quick.

For some seniors, finding a roommate was easy. They are simply going to school with a good friend or someone they already know and decided to room together. For others this process has been much more difficult. If you are a senior attending a school where you may know no one pot luck or meeting someone on Facebook could be your only option.

Going pot luck for some seniors seems like a death wish. Questions go through your head such as, “Is this person going to be a total creep and take my things while I’m sleeping?” or, “What if this person snores and doesnt know what a shower is.” These are some legitement fears for some but I assure you my fellow seniors, pot luck will not put you with someone who you see in your worst nightmares, or at least its not likely. From personal experience, my brother went to a school where he knew no one and ended up becoming best friends with his roommate and neighbors, so do not fear seniors, there is some hope for those brave enough to go pot luck.

Facebook groups for your school and specific class are always a great way to meet someone totally new and get to know the person, virtually at least, before you meet them in person on move in day. I chose this method and found my roommate for next year who currently lives in St. Louis. Yes, some conversations may be a little awkward when asking about how messy the person is or what a persons habits are but both you and the other person know that you’ll be living together so its not too bad. If you choose this method be sure and compare your schools roommate survey with each other to make sure you are both on the same page about specific things.

There you go seniors and juniors who will be looking for roommates next year. If you feel brave enough, go with pot luck. I promise you it will be more adventurous and exciting but I cant guarantee you will be an exact match. If you want to get to know the person before you sleep just feet away from them, use your resources; Facebook, Twitter, Myspace possibly?

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