AP exams, registration deadlines approaching quickly

By Tolu Salako

Staff Writer

With the end of the fourth six weeks quickly approaching, Advanced Placement exams are getting closer and closer. With Coppell High School having over 20 AP classes available, CHS students will soon have the opportunity to take these exams in May.

Advanced Placement exams are beneficial to those who are planning on attending a college because it determines which courses one can eliminate in their college career, helping them take less hours of college classes.

Many AP classes available unfortunately do not interest all students and therefore, one should take the exam in order to not have to deal with the same course for another year at college.

Remember that most colleges except a score over a four, for it to count as college credit. So study hard using the popular workbooks: Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Barons.

Early Registration ends Mar. 22.

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