NHS students continue to donate their time

By Lauren VerDuin
Staff Writer

All year long Haley Beck, president of Coppell High School’s very own National Honor Society, has been working together with Mr. Casey along with the other officers in providing its members with hour opportunities. From  working the debate tournament to planting flowers in the community garden, the chances to not only gain hours but give back are endless.

Members are expected to meet the hour checkpoint by mid January and failure to do this results in dismissal from the society. Juniors are required to obtain 10 group and 15 individual hours, while seniors need 15 of both in order to meet standards.

While this may seem like a lot, Haley does quite a great job with keeping that Facebook page updated with new and creative ways to serve in our community. This year the National Honor Society officers have been working hard to enforce that it is less about the hours but rather more about how you help give back.