Burger chains attract attention of CHS

By Kristen Shepard

Staff Writer

Its hard to ignore the craze surrounding the new burger developments springing up around town. Specifically, What-A-Burger and In-N-Out have caught the attention of people all around Coppell. Whether you want a quick meal after a study session, or a social place to spend time before a game, these local restaurants are the perfect pick.

Last year, as construction concluded on the What-A-Burger near Market Street, excitement built for the grand opening. On April 20th, the craze began. Less than two miles away from the school, What-A-Burger is located close enough to be a prime spot for students enjoying Reniassance lunch. Other than hamburgers, this chain offers other delicious options, including the ever popular, Honey Butter Chicken biscuit.

Even more popular is the california legend, In-N-Out burger chain recently franchised in Texas. With locations in nearby Frisco and close downtown, the commute for a meal may seem unworthy, however, many believe it is well worth the travel. Unlike What-A-Burger, In-N-Out only offers hamburgers. But, to the chain’s thousands of fans, the burger is more than enough. Made with the staple of fresh ingredients in mind, In-N-Out masters the hamburger, receiving national attention.

So, regardless of whether you’re looking for a nationally acclaimed burger, or a quick pick-up for lunch, What-A-Burger and In-N-Out are two options that cannot be ignored.