Freshman back to school dance

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 10th the Coppell High School Red Jackets will be hosting the Freshman back to school dance.

The dance will be held in the large commons from 7 to 11. Tickets are being sold during all lunches this week and are only 5 dollars. The dance will have drinks, snacks, a DJ, and other activities if your not into dancing including ping pong. As a senior and Red Jacket, I advise all freshman to attend this dance not just because it will be extremely fun but also to meet other freshman that you may not be able to meet in the classroom setting. I know exactly what your thinking freshman, “It’s not going to be fun,” or, “It’s going to be exactly like the middle school dances.” I’m telling you that is not the case. This dance is being put on entirely by us Red Jackets so we know what you want in a dance and the music that you will like. Lets be serious freshmen, what else are you going to be doing Saturday night? Come out and have some fun on Saturday and enjoy your own freshman dance without the upper class men.