CHS Science class begins expo plans

Rebecca Neumann
Entertainment Editor

In preparation for the upcoming Sustainability Expo, the AP Environmental Science classes are running through their presentations to work out any problems and obtain feedback from peers.

The Expo takes place during TAKS week after the tests and is designed to help students learn about the environment and their role in saving it. Each student is allowed to sign up for what ever topic interests them, weather it be global warming, sustainable architecture, water resources, etc. Each presentation will educate and interact with the students in a fun way.

The students in Mrs. Anderson’s AP Environmental Science classes are in charge of creating the presentations and will present them to three different groups of students on the day of the expo. However, before that can happen, they must present it to their class to make sure that the presentation will run smoothly on the day. Peers will also give feedback via a survey, which will have suggestions and comments.

The students are working hard to ensure that the expo is entertaining and fun as well as educational.