Red Cross club given ultimate gift

Story by Lexus DeLoach
Video by Matt French

With the holidays happening all around, the season for giving is also abundant. Gift giving and holiday cheer are celebrated and cherished. This generous holiday attitude was displayed nowhere more than in the $16,000 donation given to the Red Cross club last week.

“We were real excited about it, just thrilled really. We have a lot of ideas but nothing specific in mind yet of what were going to do with it,” Coppell High School nurse Beth Dorn said. “The full amount of the money is not going to go for our (Coppell High School) Red Cross club, we will have a certain amount of money allotted for our club that we can do a special project with but the bulk of it will go just to the Red Cross in general.”

The club joins together with other Red Cross high school clubs in the area to sponsor small projects throughout the year, proving there is power in numbers.

“We do a lot of projects to help the Red Cross in general. Our latest project, Vaccinate a Village, helped give vaccinations to children in poorer countries, helping them prevent measles and other diseases,” Dorn said.

The money was donated by a local law firm, most of it going to the Red Cross organization but the money left will go to the club to help sponsor a new project next semester.

““It was Sydney Strough, a mom of one of the members in our club. She works at a consultant firm and they won a cast and the money they received they donated it to the Red Cross club, we received $16,000 and we have several projects we can donate it to so we are giving it to some of the villages we sponsored with vaccinate a village and then next semester we will be raising money for girls in Cambodia to keep them in school. The rest of the money will be going to disaster relief.” Said Red Cross president Anafer Barrera

The Red Cross club, Coppell High School chapter, is led by school nurse Beth Dorn. They meet weekly to discuss world issues and do humanitarian help around the area. You can join by contacting Beth Dorn or Anafer Barrera [email protected] .