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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Moving with movies through junior year

Sahasra Chakilam
Watching movies can be an activity that alleviates stress. Staff writer Anvita Bondada discusses how her routine of watching a movie every Saturday has become a beloved habit of hers as it allows her to wind down from the pressures of school.

As a child, the last thing I wanted to do was watch a movie. Staring at a screen for two hours feigned no appeal to me despite living in an household that reveled in all sorts of cinema.  

This changed this winter break when I decided to watch The Virgin Suicides. Though I expected my eyes to roll back in boredom, they were glued to the screen, nearly overflowing with tears.

I went on to watch four more movies over break, all similarly capturing my attention. These ranged from romantic comedies to coming of age movies. 

After the new year, I was talking to my friends about my winter break movie spree, and they all pointed me toward Letterboxd, where other movie buffs would log all of the movies they watched, giving them various ratings. Since the first week of January, I have been logging every movie I watched, giving them ratings as I went along. 

This turned into a pattern of capping my week by watching a movie every Saturday, either brand new or rewatched thousands of times. These weekly movie binges are often accompanied with stringing beaded bracelets or snacking on popcorn.

Accompanying myself with movies again reminded me of the refuge of turning my brain off from real life for two hours and just focusing on characters gliding across the screen. Unlike TV shows that act as a temporary reprieve in the middle of schoolwork, the longformity of movies makes it its own experience in my day. 

My weekly movie tradition have reminded me of previous comfort movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, La La Land and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It has also given me a chance to rewatch childhood favorites such as the Barbie movie series.


Not only did watching a movie every week help me wind down after a week of long pages of notes, quizzes and deadlines, it also reconnected me with my love of pop culture and art, a hobby that I thought would fade away with junior year stresses. 

For me, movies serve as a small thing I knew would be constant in a life where everything was uncertain. Even though I had no idea what grade I would get on a test, or whether an unresponsive source would finally email me back for a feature, I knew I would be able to go to my media room at the end of the week to watch the final movie in the Before Sunrise trilogy.

While many, myself included, considered junior year of high school to be emotionally and physically draining, this tradition kept me grounded, and kept me motivated to continue working hard throughout the week, as I thought it would make the movie that much better. 

Having an escape from real life, whether it be hanging out with your friends, doing your favorite hobby or curling up in your bed to watch a new romantic comedy, can be a great way to unwind, and to increase your well being despite a busy workload. Remember to connect with the things you love to bring comfort to a tensing lifestyle.


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About the Contributors
Anvita Bondada
Anvita Bondada, Staff Writer
Anvita Bondada is a junior and a second year staff writer on The Sidekick. She runs a small business selling press-on nails, called Nails by Anvita. Although she grew up in hot, arid Texas her favorite type of weather is rain of all kinds. In her free time, she enjoys shopping for clothes, listening to musicians such as Taylor swift and Gracie Abrams, doing her nails in a variety of styles, and playing with her dog Birkin. She enjoys watching romantic comedies, her favorites are 10 Things I Hate About You, Lala Land, and Easy A. She’s travelled a lot and her favorite location so far has been Venice and she would like to go to Greece if she got the chance.  She speaks Telugu at home and would like to major in marketing.  Anvita loves writing for a variety of sections, including writing opinion columns, reviews on music albums, and feature stories. She would like to expand to movie reviews this year. Over her years of experience on The Sidekick, she has discovered new horizons for writing and design for communication and self expression.  It also gave her a way to connect with Coppell high school and its students.  The Sidekick challenged her to break out and talk to people outside of her social circles. You can contact her at [email protected], or @anvitabondada on Instagram.  
Sahasra Chakilam
Sahasra Chakilam, News Editor

Sahasra is a junior and the news editor of The Sidekick with an unwavering passion for reporting and writing. She’s a hardworking student at Coppell High School by day and an active media enthusiast by night. She loves to be outside, walking along scenic trails teeming with a multitude of wildlife. Otherwise, she’s biking through the roads of her neighborhood, enjoying the bountiful winds in Texas with her fellow friends. 

If not outdoors, she pursues her love of all media, ranging from TV shows to movies to music. She enjoys unwinding with her favorite humorous sitcoms like New Girl or Community or some of her favorite iconic movies, like Mamma Mia and La La Land. At other times, she prefers to broaden her horizons by exploring new movies and sharing her thoughts on them through reviews. You can also often find her at many indie and pop concerts, fully immersing herself in the atmosphere. She has a broad and diverse range of music she loves to listen to, ranging from Lana Del Rey to Tyler the Creator, but she is a big Swiftie at heart.

You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on 'X' (@sahasrachak24).

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