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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

From schoolwork to stethoscopes:

Alapatt invests in future through work as nursing assistant
Anushree De
Coppell High School senior Harry Alapatt was hired at Treemont Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center as a certified nursing assistant. Alapatt is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at Missouri Southern State University.

Beeping monitors, rushing nurses and call lights – these were typical morning sights for a 9-year-old Coppell High School senior Harry Alapatt, who spent mornings at the hospital where his parents worked. 

Growing up with both of his parents being nurses, Alapatt has always respected those working in the medical field. 

“One thing my mom stresses a lot to me is that she finds satisfaction in taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves, the job itself makes her happy,” Alapatt said. 

Alapatt is already following in his parents, Shajimon and Stella Alapatt’s, footsteps – by working as a registered nursing assistant. While inspired by his parents’ careers, Harry never felt pressured to pursue a job in the healthcare industry. 

“There’s a lot of kids whose parents try to force into these sorts of careers,” Harry said. “But my parents urged me to explore my interests and see what I actually wanted.”  

After beginning to explore his options through CHS’s CTE program, he realized an already familiar pathway was still the one that felt like home: health science.

In classes like medical terminology and principles of health science, Harry has been able to explore his interest in medicine. It is something his teachers, such as Pathophysiology teacher Ray Pool, have enjoyed watching him continue to grow and excel. 

“Harry is kind of quiet in class, but the work that he produces is exceptional,” Pool said. “He encourages his classmates to do better by setting an example, not necessarily through being forceful.” 

Expanding his knowledge in school was a huge part of what led to Harry’s desire to want more experience outside of the classroom. 

“[My courses] were a big thing that drove my desire to do this,” Harry said. “I found it interesting how healthcare is so complex but also applicable to everything. It gives you a better understanding of the world around you”. 

Another way Harry explores medicine in high school was through HOSA, a student-led organization that allows members to explore medical professions. Senior Meenakshi Subha 

Vipin is currently an officer in HOSA, and has known Harry since their sophomore year. 

“He’s very thoughtful and good at paying attention to the details,” Vipin said. “I think that’s a really valuable quality to have, not only in school, but also in the healthcare setting that he works in.”

Coppell High School senior Harry Alapatt practices making a hospital bed, replicating his duties as a certified nursing assistant at Treemont Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. Alapatt is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at Missouri Southern State University. (Anushree De)

Harry began his journey to certification when he was 16, enrolling in a six week course in March of his junior year that involved participating in online classes, as well as in-person skills training at Legacy Career Institute in Carrollton. Through this, Harry was able to obtain his license to practice from the state of Texas, a huge accomplishment for an individual who, at the time, wasn’t even legally allowed to vote.

But, he had another obstacle in his way to begin working – finding a facility willing to hire him. 

“Most places only hire legal adults and require high school diplomas, two things I didn’t have on my resume,” Harry said. 

 A few months after beginning his job search, Harry was hired as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at the Treemont Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Dallas, where he worked every weekend.

Through his work at Treemont, Harry hopes his experience as a CNA will help reach his goal of becoming a doctor. Harry will pursue medicine at Missouri Southern State University by getting his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. 

“The opportunity to be a part of a healthcare team revitalized my desire to become a physician,” Harry said. “Now that I have worked a job that is considered at a lower level clinically, I feel like I’ll be able to appreciate all my team members as a doctor, and see their work through a different lens.”

His close friend, senior Samiksha Chemukula, has seen the skills contributing to Harry’s success as a CNA. 

“Harry is very dedicated to his goals,” Chemukula said. “If he has a task, he’s going to put his utmost effort into it, whether it’s our assignments in EMT class or obtaining his certification to become a CNA.” 

When asked if she thinks Harry will be able to achieve his future goals, Chemukula has no doubts. 

“He is such a compassionate person, and so determined,” Chemukula said. “I feel like his personality, along with the classes he’s taken and his work as a nursing assistant, will help him become a successful and caring doctor.”

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