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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Martin’s journey: From medicine to first grade to statistics

Ahana Roy
Coppell High School statistics teacher Kailee Martin is in her first year at CHS. She has worked in medicine, taught preschool and first grade prior to coming to CHS.

4:47 a.m. 

It is the exact time that Coppell High School statistics teacher Kailee Martin wakes up to embrace the early hours. Gathering her essentials, she heads to The CORE to start her determined regimen of gym, followed by lap swimming. After the intensive workout, she drives to CHS and settles in her sanctuary, B105. 

To many, Martin’s morning routine may seem daunting, but for her, it has simply been a way of life since her job as a first grade teacher at Austin Elementary School.

“When I taught elementary school, I started earlier,” Martin said. “I got used to getting up early and I’ve just never gotten out of the habit.”

Homeschooled throughout her elementary and middle school years, Martin’s shift as a student to Coppell High School proved to be a major transition. 

“Coming to the high school after being homeschooled was pretty scary, but I had the best experience,” Martin said. “[CISD superintendent] Dr. [Brad] Hunt, who’s now the superintendent, was the principal when I was here and he was amazing. He made every student feel welcome, just like [CHS Principal] Ms. Springer.”

After completing high school, Martin enrolled in Texas A&M University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology. Soon after, she started her education in medicine at UT Southwestern.

However, during a short break from medicine, Martin worked at Pierce Academy in Coppell, teaching preschool learners for two years. She discovered her true passion lay in the field of education.

“I just really loved teaching,” Martin said. “I decided to forget medical school.”

Departing from medicine, Martin obtained a master’s degree in education at University of North Texas and applied to be a first grade teacher at Austin Elementary School. 

After a year at Austin, Martin knew she desired to return to her roots at CHS.

“I was just ready to get deeper into the content,” Martin said. “I loved the relationships with the students and the families in first grade. But, I really missed the critical thinking. I just missed math and science. I wanted to try something new.”

After emailing Springer for a position in either math or science, Martin took the certification exam for both math and science. Following her heart, Martin chose statistics as her desired class to teach.

“I had known going in that if statistics was an option, that is what I would want to teach,” Martin said.

While seeking her calling, Martin found inspiration from anatomy and physiology teacher Jodie Deinhammer and credits her pursuit in education to her influence. 

“She’s a big reason why I’m a teacher,” Martin said. “Earlier, I didn’t want to be a teacher. I didn’t want to do PowerPoints all day, but I realized that it’s so much more. It gives me chills to think about. She’s had a huge influence on my life.”

It was Deinhammer’s similar story that influenced Martin to become the teacher she is now.

“Whenever I was thinking about leaving medical school, I was so afraid of how it was going to look, and all those things,” Martin said. “She was so successful and happy as a teacher that it gave me the confidence to be like ‘I can walk away from this.’”

AP Statistics teacher Dr. Lowell Johnson notes the joy and excitement that Martin incorporates into her teaching. 

“She’s creative, energetic, patient and cares about her kids,” Dr. Johnson said. “She understands statistics very well and has taken the initiative to design the professional learning community for the on-level statistics course.”

Martin’s influence from first grade is evident in her current teaching style. Through her warm and relatable aura, Martin creates a comfortable atmosphere for her students. 

“She’ll use callbacks that she used to use in first graders, and that’s really nice,” senior Aindrila Neogi said. “We’re so used to being treated like adults. It’s just nice to be treated like a kid sometimes.”

Neogi expresses that aspects from Martin’s teaching will carry on in the future, leaving a lasting imprint on her students.

“She inspires confidence because she’s very encouraging and celebrates all the little achievements,” Neogi said. “This will carry over especially for seniors who are going into a new environment soon.”

While Martin has experienced changes in her teaching environment over the years, she remarks that her time at CHS has been largely positive.

“I feel so supported,” Martin said. “It’s a very happy environment. The admin is so supportive and they always help you grow, and they celebrate you as you grow. The relationships here are so important to me.”

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Sanghika Pallela, Staff Writer
Sanghika Pallela is a sophomore and a first-year staff writer for The Sidekick. In her freetime, she loves to watch sci-fi movies like Interstellar and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. A black belt in Goju-Ryu karate, Sanghika loves to practice karate every Tuesday and Thursday. You can contact her at [email protected].
Ahana Roy, Staff Designer

Ahana Roy is a sophomore at Coppell High School, and her favorite class is The Sidekick even though this is her first year both at Coppell High School and as a staffer on The Sidekick. The reason The Sidekick spiked her interest is because she wanted to have an outlet for expressing her interest in designing graphics and drawing cartoons. Ahana likes drawing cartoons and designing graphics because she finds it very relaxing and a stress reliever. They are things she wants to get better at while at The Sidekick and throughout her years at CHS. Ahana’s favorite manga is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is a tangible application of the drawing that has influenced her.  Her favorite food is mutton biryani which is a delicacy in some parts of India. Ahana likes to listen to Bollywood, K-Pop, and electronic music. In her free time, Ahana loves playing video games, binge-watching television shows and reading comic books. When Ahana leaves CHS, she wants to go to the University of Texas at Austin and become a software engineer. You can reach her at @[email protected] if you have any questions or want to learn more about her!

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