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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Wang propels passion into action

Greeshma Marathu
Coppell High School senior Jerry Wang develops his passion for physics as AP Physics teacher Dr. Robert Gribble’s student aide. Wang is in the Physics Club and plans to major in physics.

In the complexity of equations on the whiteboard in physics class, a typical response from students is a squint of confusion. But, in room B118, the eyes of one particular senior stay transfixed on the board. 

As the bell rings, the hallways flood with students leaving their classroom but Coppell High School senior Jerry Wang remains, eager to tell AP Physics teacher Dr. Robert Gribble about a problem he derived for the Physics club. 

Not only is Wang’s love for physics demonstrated in his participation in the club, but also in his involvement in Dr. Gribble’s second period P Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism as a student aide.

Although Wang has grown to love physics, his initial approach to solving problems was more mechanical, memorizing how to do problems rather than understanding them. However, once he dedicated more time to comprehending the subject, he began  making progress in the class while finding a hidden enjoyment for the subject. 

“When I started to do competitions for the physics club, I had to start over and re-learn the contest materials,” Wang said. “I started to work on the foundation of physics and how everything was formulated so I’m not just memorizing the equations. That helped me gain a deeper understanding of physics and showed me the true beauty of the subject.”

Wang’s transparency towards his fascination with physics is also recognized  by his classmates and teachers. Although Wang participated in AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism as a junior, he chose to do the same problems as his classmates as a student aid to refine and broaden his knowledge. 

“You can tell he loves physics,” senior Tanvi Nikam said. “Even when Dr. Gribble gives us assignments that we are supposed to do for our class, he has that curiosity to try our problems and tests along with us even though he doesn’t have to. He does the homework whenever he has free time in class, and I see him reading super complex textbooks.” 

As a student himself, Wang is able to connect with students, aiding in their learning process. While students work on assignments, Wang answers questions one-on-one.  

“He is their age, so he helps in peer assisted learning, which is a big objective in physics,” Dr. Gribble said. “When students are shy, and they don’t want to embarrass themselves, they can talk to him more easily.”

Wang’s commitment to physics extends beyond what he does inside his class. His passion continues after school, where he and senior Aryan Bansal serve as co-presidents of the Physics Club. In the club, officers teach the club members information for them to advance their knowledge in physics and do well in their competition. 

“At first glance he’s a quiet person, but once you get to talk to him, you really understand that he’s passionate about physics and competing in general,” Bansal said. “He likes learning and trying to expand other people’s interests within that.” 

Wang’s journey with physics doesn’t end with high school. Though he doesn’t know what part of physics he will pursue just yet, Wang’s future endeavors in physics seem to be limitless.

“I plan on pursuing physics as a major in college,” Wang said. “ My goal in college is to explore things and then find my specific niche in physics”

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Greeshma is a sophomore and it’s her first year on The Sidekick. Greeshma’s life is packed with activities, ranging from being a thespian to playing badminton. She also likes going out with her closest friends, whether it be shopping runs at stores such as Hollister, Target and H&M or biking to tunes in her neighborhood park. If you’re thinking about treating her to some food, a steaming bowl of Mac nCheese is the way to go. Aladdin and Me Before You are some of Greeshma’s favorite movies and vibes with Drake if you pass her the aux. This summer, Greeshma was down on the coast of California for a week.   

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