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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

From headlines to code lines: AI redefining journalism

Let’s not forget the human voice
Kavya Lokhande
The growing commonality in the use of artificial intelligence among students and corporations alike is raising the discussion of whether or not the use of AI is ethical. Staff writer Deepika Kumar discusses whether AI use presents an opportunity for more effective journalism or an easy escape for plagiarism.

“Oh yeah I just used ChatGPT on that. It took me like two minutes,” my friend flexes as I’m frantic about the 85 I’m about to get on an overdue assignment.

Countless are the times I’ve listened to classmates boast about using ChatGPT to breeze through their assignments, turning academic challenges into a walk in the park.

Sure, I’ve hopped on the trend too, acknowledging the undeniable efficiency this artificial intelligence tool brings to the table, making my life a million times easier.

However, as I’ve delved into the world of journalism this year, I couldn’t help but think, if AI’s expanding presence in our lives brings up ethical problems, could it be changing the field of journalism as well? The more I explored, the more I found myself grappling with the implications of AI potentially taking over journalist jobs.

As AI accelerates into the realm of journalism, its efficiency in swiftly generating news content, along with its ability to handle routine tasks, has prompted concerns about job displacement in newsrooms. Tasks once carried out by journalists, such as writing articles or compiling reports, can now be automated, raising the bar of human professionals being one upped by AI systems.

The drive for cost efficiency and the rapid pace at which AI can deliver news further amplifies these concerns. Media organizations may see AI as a cost effective alternative, leading to a reduction in human staff to cut expenses. The fear is not just about individual job losses but also the potential transformation of the journalism landscape, with newsrooms relying more on algorithms and automation than on human insight and storytelling.

In a time where timeliness outweighs thoroughness, the integration of AI in newsrooms stands to usher in unmatched efficiency. Assignments that would tie down a journalist for hours, if not days, can now be accomplished within minutes by AI. While the prospect of fast-news delivery appears advantageous, we are sacrificing the rich details and deep insights that make journalism so valuable. This simultaneously brings up questions about the depth and authenticity of the information we, as consumers, are exposed to. 

Besides, imagine a literal robot weaving together compelling news stories, conducting interviews and delivering information with unnatural precision that even seasoned professional journalists might envy. 

I thought this was cool at first but this isn’t science fiction; it’s a reality in the media industry that the impact of AI on journalism extends far beyond automation – it has the potential to reshape how news hits us.

The speed at which a robot can produce content is obviously impressive, but we’re forgetting AI lacks the emotional maturity to capture human experience, the emotional nuances that make a story resonate. I’ve learned that journalism isn’t just about information; it’s about connection, empathy and understanding that people can feel. While AI can process vast amounts of data, it struggles to understand the intricacies of human emotions, leaving a void that only human journalists can fill. 

Let’s not forget this human voice. 

Slightly contrarian to what I ranted about earlier, it’s important to acknowledge that AI has immense potential for good. I think, when handled with ethics and responsibility, AI has the power to actively boost journalism. It’s kind of like having a super-genius assistant, capable of revealing insights and discovering hidden patterns. The trick is finding that sweet spot, where we embrace progress while holding onto the warmth of human storytelling. Let’s not lose sight of our own voices in the midst of all this innovation. 

Oh, and by the way this article was written by my good friend chatGPT. I’m kidding, calm down.


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About the Contributors
Deepika Kumar
Deepika Kumar, Staff Writer
Deepika Kumar is a sophomore, staff writer for The Sidekick. She was born in New Hampshire and moved to Texas for elementary school. She would consider herself both an extrovert and an introvert. She has an avid interest in criminology and forensic psychology, and hopes to work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the future. In her free time, Deepika plays the Veena, a classical Indian instrument. She also enjoys watching horror movies, her favorite being Annabelle. She enjoys the occasional retail therapy session and spending time with her family and friends. She is a typically picky eater, but enjoys all spicy foods and fancy ice-creams. Deepika has an aspiration to live in Europe someday, though the exact location is undecided. She typically listens to pop music with artists such as: The Weekend, Drake, Tyler the Creator, and Travis Scott. Deepika has a preference for colder weather, winter being her favorite season. With her time in The Sidekick she hopes to build community and improve her writing abilities.
Kavya Lokhande
Kavya Lokhande, Staff Designer

Kavya Lokhande is a junior and staff designer for The Sidekick. She's originally from New York and moved to Texas her freshman year of high school. Kavya loves all things horror, including movies like Bride of Chucky or Orphan. She also spends time with her family and has a passion for cooking. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and improving her cooking skills. When she’s not creating delicious treats or indulging in a horror book, Kavya dreams of traveling the world, exploring new cultures, trying diverse cuisines and sometimes changing up her hair to a new look. In her free time, Kavya enjoys thrifting, sketching and going on bike rides. Kavya is always seeking new thrills, experiences, and embracing her passions! To contact her, email her at [email protected].

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