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Photo courtesy Elsa Reynolds

Freshman Zeel Patel advanced to state for her work “Styroheart” in the 2023 Visual Arts Scholastic Event. VASE is a competition held every year in Texas to recognize distinguished artists across regions.

Zeel Patel

How was your VASE experience?

It was a good experience because I know in the future I will be participating in similar art competitions, so it was a great introduction to them. I would like to continue VASE in the future because I really like the interview process and artists’ presentation

What mediums, colors, themes, or symbols did you incorporate into your artwork?

I used charcoal to create value based on my reference photo of a styrofoam sculpture. I created what I thought was aesthetically pleasing and showcased my personality.

Why did you choose this piece to enter into VASE?

I really enjoyed the process behind creating this piece, and I especially liked using charcoal because it’s one of my favorite mediums to work with.

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