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Photo Courtesy Elsa Reynolds

Freshman Hasini Gade advanced to state for her work “Artifice Ascendancy”. VASE is a visual arts competition held every year in Texas to recognize distinguished artists.

Hasini Gade

Cool tones and warm shades from freshman Hasini Gade’s childhood blanket inspired the palette behind her state VASE advancing piece “Artifice Ascendancy.” In advancing to state, Gade was one of nine freshmen to achieve what she did. 

How was your first year going through the VASE process?

I was expecting to see beautiful artwork and it was a really good experience to see all this in-person. I didn’t always have the vision of entering VASE, but the process is fun because of all the experiences you get even if you don’t get a medal. In a way, I guess I always did have the vision of entering VASE. This was also my first time advancing to state, so it was a new process to go through.

Why did you choose these mediums, palettes and techniques?

I used acrylic paint on a bristle board. First, I took a picture of my focal point, which emphasized how art is important to me with a photo of me holding a paintbrush. On a board, I put down a composition grid and laid the photo down. I used flowers as an abstract object in my art because I felt it really fit the piece well in emphasizing how art gives me happiness. The palette was based on a blanket from my childhood, and I liked the coolness of the darker colors. 

What was an obstacle you had to overcome during this process?

I was so nervous for the interview and competition process. I made a script to follow and then realized none of my friends had a script made beforehand. I freaked out, but once I actually got into the competition, I realized I didn’t even need the script. The teacher interviewing me was so nice, and I just went with the flow. It wasn’t pressuring and I didn’t have a crowd of people around me, so there was a great environment to talk about my artwork and share my process. 

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