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Freshman Lattika Adloor advanced to state for her work “Undeniable Desire”. VASE is a visual arts competition held every year in Texas to recognize distinguished artists.

Lattika Adloor

Freshman Lattika Adloor describes herself in one word: organized. This trait is evident in artwork, academics and everyday life. Drawing inspiration from other artists, Adloor can pinpoint competitions such as VASE to be important in her artistic growth. This year, Adloor’s piece “Undeniable Desire” advanced to state.

Where did you get your inspiration?

I was really inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s style of pointillism. From doing VASE in previous years, I’ve learned to pay attention to little details to capture all the details of an artwork. Anytime I see other art, I get really inspired and motivated to produce my own artwork. 

How was your first year going through the VASE process?

At first, I was nervous, but the jurors were really nice to us, which made the process more fun. I’m excited to do VASE again next year. In Austin, I’m excited to see the other artworks and get more inspiration for my pieces next year. The artist’s statement also helped me learn how to write in a more artistic way.

Why did you choose these mediums, palettes and techniques?

“Undeniable Desire” made it to state. I wanted to convey a message of junk food and balancing a healthy diet. I used Ink, watercolors and Prismacolors and oil sticks. I used principles of design and elements of art to enhance my work, and one of the big decisions I had to make was how to frame the composition. My piece shows my individuality because it really highlights how I love to plan everything out, even my art.

What was an obstacle you had to overcome during this process?

I tried a new medium with oil sticks after usually using graphite, and I struggled with figuring out the proportion in relation to each item because I had to draw others and not just myself. I had to decide if I wanted to add more elements to it or not, so the biggest challenge was deciding whether or not to go through with them. In the end, I added a hand reaching out near the frame, and I’m glad I added that. I was really happy with how it turned out and I think the final product shows my imagination, organization and detailed nature.

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