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Araceli Reynoso

Araceli and I met on our first day on The Sidekick, nervous about being two of the three first-year members in the entire class. However, our worries faded quickly as our friendship grew. 

Throughout the year, I was able to experience the things that make up Araceli. She is strong, steadfast, down-to-earth and most importantly a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Her grounding presence and everlasting affability has helped me feel at peace even in the most stressful situations. From traversing PetSmart during our Person, Place or Thing assignment, to covering the community tailgate together, all the way to being roommates in Austin for the Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) Convention, I saw that not only is she a great friend, but also a great journalist. She puts her all into the things she does and takes measures to do even better.

Something that will always stick with me is when Araceli spent a good 10 minutes in our hotel room at ILPC explaining the rules of football to me. Although it was a small moment, it felt big because of how determined she was to make sure I understood everything (I still don’t). That is the thing about Araceli; she doesn’t give up. 

So, thank you Araceli for being there. I am glad that I get to walk into D115 and have someone to talk to about anything and everything. I am going to miss you so much and I hope you have the best time ever at the University of Texas. 

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