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Nandini Paidesetty

Coppell High School senior Rhythm Khandelwal is a face of CHS as a Red Jacket and a flutist. CHS students voted on the 19 most influential seniors in the graduating class of 2023.

Rhythm Khandelwal: Compassionate

Moving from New Tech High @ Coppell to Coppell High School for  her sophomore year, senior Rhythm Khandelwal felt lost in the new crowd. However, she was able to find her way, becoming the one who leads the crowd instead. 

Joining band as a flutist freshman year, Khandelwal was inspired by the upperclassmen’s character and relationships throughout the school. Therefore, she made it a priority to aid the people around her to build confidence and make her name known. 

To further expand her platform, Khandelwal became a Red Jacket, so she would be a figure that can present the school through her own lens and guide people through it. She concurs that school should be viewed as a door to multiple opportunities for students to grow.

“Helping others is what makes you want to help yourself,” Khandelwal said. “You get inspired by people and can inspire them as well.”

Khandelwal is majoring in computer science at Texas A&M in the fall.


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