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Coppell High School senior Mytri Nair captains the Alpha team of Science Olympiad at CHS. CHS students voted on the 19 most influential seniors in the graduating class of 2023.

Mytri Nair: Bubbly

Walking into her freshman year, Coppell High School senior Mytri Nair tended to submerge herself into a bubble, avoiding change and sticking to her comfort zone. However, through Science Olympiad, Nair was able to pop that bubble, releasing herself to embrace the world. 

Beginning Science Olympiad when she was 11 and building her way up to leading the Alpha team as captain in her senior year, Nair has always felt drawn to the new opportunities and the sense of community provided by the club. Exploring the field of science taught her that changes are inevitable and is the impetus for growth. 

Wanting to spread her passions for science further, Nair revived the Coppell Middle School West and Coppell Middle School North Science Olympiad chapters after it being down for four years. Nair guided students from both middle schools to participate in their first regional competition, and, moreover, lead CMSN and CHS to the state competition at Texas A&M on April 20-22. 

“I like change, and I am not hesitant about it,” Nair said. “I hope that I have given the opportunity for members to discover new things and branch out, just as I did, so they can continue carrying on the legacy of Science Olympiad.”

Nair plans to continue exploring computer science in the fall.


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