Sever serving community, setting example for underclassmen


Nandini Paidesetty

Coppell senior third baseman Tanner Sever serves his community through service work and will continue his baseball career at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief

Picking up a wiffle ball bat, the wobbly 3-year old began swinging it back and forth in his living room. Modeling the Texas Rangers he saw watching television with his dad, Coppell High School senior third baseman Tanner Sever was captivated by the sport. 

“He is a workhorse,” Coppell baseball coach Armando Garza said. “Tanner had the unique experience of getting thrown in the fires as a freshman, so he is one of the most experienced players that we have. He has been in really intense situations and been successful in them. Tanner is a veteran and leader.” 

Sever began playing summer baseball at age 5. Playing throughout middle school at Coppell Middle School West, he honed his skills under the blazing summer sun to make varsity as a freshman. Now a seasoned player, he sets the tone for games and practices. 

“Showing up every day, whether sore or tired, is important,” Sever said. “I know that I have a job to do. I try to lead by example. If I can do it, they can do it. And then if they can do it, anyone can do it.” 

The ballplayer started as a shortstop prior to moving to second base his sophomore and junior seasons. As a senior, he is the third baseman. He cites the biggest difference between the positions in the speed of the ball. At third base, he must be ready for balls in play coming at him at speeds up to 100 mph. 

“Ever since my freshman year I have looked up to Tanner,” senior catcher Liam Krauss said. “He is a very outgoing but quiet person at the same time. He is a great teammate to be around and always wants you to be the best. When we’re in the weightroom he’s going to be competitive and challenge you. Everybody in the baseball program looks up to Sever because he’s played a big role in helping us get to where we are right now.

Sever will play Division 1 baseball at the University of Texas San Antonio. 

“I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to go play somewhere because a lot of kids don’t get to,” Sever said. “The school is not too far from home, but it’s not too close either. They told me that I would have a chance to play right away. I definitely love to hear that. It will allow me to continue my dream of playing baseball at the next level and hopefully keep that going.” 

Heavily involved with the morale of Coppell baseball, Sever also ensures the quality of his surrounding community, volunteering his time regularly through the Young Men’s Service League. 

“We go around the Dallas area and help out, whether that be making sandwiches for homeless people or assembling furniture to take to people who can’t afford it,” Sever said. “We do small acts of kindness.” 

Sever hopes that his impact on the team is everlasting. 

“I’m happy I got to play for Coppell because that was always one of my dreams growing up,” Sever said. 

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