Board covers new technology updates, counseling and support and safety updates


Sahasra Chakilam

Coppell ISD assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction Dr. Angie Brooks talks about the continued partnership with the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) during the discussion of counseling support updates. The CISD Board of Trustees meeting on Monday discussed cybersecurity as well as counselor training and policy updates. Photo by Sahasra Chakilam

Ishana Sharma, Staff Writer

One Monday, Coppell ISD Board of Trustees covered staff reports, one of them being counseling and support, by assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction Dr. Angie Brooks and coordinator of counseling and social emotional learning Annie Lenew.

There have been some new curriculums implemented this academic year: the Second Step program at the elementary and middle school level and the Character Strong program at the high school level. 

“These two curriculums support the positive character trait TEKS that were implemented by the state in 2021, as well as they support some of the TEKS through our new health curriculum update,”  Lenew said.

The Comprehensive School Counseling Program serves its students in four areas: Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning and System Support. 

“We are looking at data to improve our program [and] to make sure that we have the most positive outcomes that we can,” Lenew said.

Data including signs of suicide education and screening and threat assessment data and supports was collected via Panorama surveys..

CISD transitioned its tech support from the central district base to having campus-assigned technicians, which has made communications regarding helpdesk tickets quicker and easier. The helpdesk ticketing system has been changed from ZenDesk to Freshservice. 

“[Freshservice] is a full IT service management solution that includes service requests, asset project and change management capabilities, as well as workflow and process automation through inaugurated orchestrations,” executive director of technology Stephen McGilvray said.

There have also been enhancements on the district’s email security, which uses AI and machine learning to determine who the district normally converses with and when anything out of the ordinary. 

“Using this AI and machine learning has empowered users to be more self aware about if the person they are in contact with [is a common one or not],” McGilvray said.

In addition to these reports, training and policy updates were made as well. CISD has partnered with Shatterproof, a non-profit organization that works with corporations across the nation to help provide training for staff and community members to help protect persons undergoing drug addiction.

All CISD staff will be undergoing Shatterproof training and the program will also be launched on the website for the community. A recent update to the Board Policy allows the district to respond to the event of a drug-related emergency by making available unassigned naloxone to designated and trained personnel.

The district administration recommended the  Safety and Security Committee to use the School Safety Standards Formula Grant to install forced-entry resistant film on all ground level doors and windows of a size and position that would permit entry from the exterior if broken. This idea was approved by the District Safety and Security Committee.

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