Moore lending a helping hand to the community

Providing service to Coppell for 33 years


Rhea Chowdhary

CHS9 library aide Marcia Moore observes as Plano East’s JV boys basketball team pushes towards the net at CHS Arena on Friday evening. Moore is a paraprofessional who has been an involved member of the Coppell community since 1991, aiding in student activities in and out of CHS9.

Sahasra Chakilam, Staff Photographer

For CHS9 library aide Marcia Moore, an ideal day consists of the following: waking up and walking her American boxer, Lady Delilah, as she watches a beautiful sunrise painted with vibrant hues, tidying up her yard, opening the doors to CHS9 to greet the freshmen at 8 a.m. and leaving school for CHS to keep score of a sports game for the rest of the evening. 

Moore attended the College of San Mateo in California for two years where she attained an associate arts degree, graduated from San Jose State with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Home Economics with an emphasis on Nutrition and Dietetics and proceeded to the University of California Health to work a dietetic internship.

Following her education, she became a clinical dietician and a certified diabetes educator at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

Although Moore was occupied in the world of health and wellbeing, she was no stranger to Coppell ISD. She fostered an appreciation for helping the community and did so in various ways for the school district. 

“I was a volunteer when they opened up Mockingbird Elementary [in 1991] and my children attended there,” Moore said. “As a volunteer, I coordinated and planned different activities at Mockingbird Elementary and was also a [volunteer] at Austin Elementary.”

Her volunteering efforts enabled Moore to discover a different passion of hers, shifting her over into the education field in 2000. She taught fifth grade GT science teacher in Irving for a couple of years and came to CISD in 2006.

“I realized not only I loved to help out, but I also love to work with kids,” Moore said.

Moore worked as the service learning coordinator at Coppell Middle School West for 12 years, and soon came over to CHS9 when it opened in 2018, obtaining the role of library aide.

As the library aide, Moore makes sure the functions of not only the library, but different parts of the school are up and running. She assists the programming of the library, organizes the checking in and out of the library books, and supports the teachers and the office staff of paraprofessionals with the poster-making machine, laminating machine, and the copy machine.

Moore possesses an efficacious composure in where she is up for any offer to help. 

“I have a positive and a can-do attitude,” Moore said. “If I can help, I want to help out.”

Being new to CISD this year, CHS9 librarian Brenna Conway has experienced Moore’s altruistic embrace.

“[Moore] will often do something that needs to be done without needing to be asked,” Conway said. “She is considerate of me and often asks and makes sure that I have eaten lunch especially when we have really busy days in the library. She has been a huge help in acclimating to the campus and has been one of the most welcoming people here.”

As a paraprofessional, Moore performs different tasks around the school for both the students and the teachers.

“Some paraprofessionals have the direct responsibility of children, but we can also help the teachers get things done to provide the best learning environment for the students,” Moore said. “We can assure that the students move safely throughout the building, help any staff member we have time to help with by responding to technology needs, check equipment in and out, help secretaries receive materials that have been ordered, fix copiers that need staples put in and more.”

CHS9 Honors and GT Biology teacher Laronna Doggett has benefitted from Moore’s benevolence, through her help with the technical facets that her job contains on a daily basis.

“[Moore] is a very kind and passionate person,” Doggett said. “She is super helpful and makes my job easier. There are multiple ways she helps me as she laminates things for me, prints things out in color or in poster form and she covers for me at morning duty whenever I have [it]. She is always quick in doing these things. Paraprofessionals are here to help [teachers] out, which helps us support our students.”

Moore is hopeful that through her endeavors she provides for the students – implementing different activities in the library during lunchtime, providing them with an array of books, and assisting them in educational pursuits – that they are able to gain from it and feel at peace in their learning atmosphere.

“I get to open the doors and greet the students for the first 20 minutes of the day,” Moore said. “So, I am the first person they see at CHS9 to remind them to wait in the cafeteria or if they have passes for tutoring, they attend that. I want them to feel that they have a positive learning environment where they can relate to their fellow students, staff and teachers as well as being successful so they can find what they want to do with their world.”

Even outside of CHS9, Moore makes it a priority to provide her time to CISD by scoring athletic events

“I love facilitating the [Coppell] teams, collecting statistics and keeping track of the scores for different sports and working the board for football,” Moore said. “I have been doing this since my children competed in sports when they were younger.”

Moore has also spread her enthusiasm for swimming by implementing swimming lessons that are open to the Coppell community.

“When I was in [Carlmont High School in California], I was a competitive swimmer,” Moore said. “When I started teaching swimming 33 years ago, I wanted no child in Coppell to drown; I wanted them to feel safe and comfortable in the water. That was a goal of mine years ago, and that is one of my passions: sharing my skills as a swimmer and helping people who are wanting to learn how to swim.”

Whether it’s laminating pieces of papers for the teachers to volunteering out in different charity organizations and projects, Moore’s passions lie in putting her hand out to help. 

“I am a service-provider,” Moore said. “When you spend one-third of your day in a facility, you have to have a good time, you have to feel useful and you have to be there for service.” 

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