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Aaron Montes

Aaron Montes is a CHS9 student who currently serves on the Student Council Executive Board.

What was the process of running for the executive board like? Did you face any challenges?

I had a lot of tough competition because I knew a lot of people running and in past years, they were very into student council. I had to work a little harder but with my personal connections, I think I did great. The whole campaigning process was special and entertaining to say the least.

What do you hope to personally achieve in the coming months on the executive board?

I joined for the opportunity to do good things for the school and the opportunity to help others. Personally, I hope that the bridge between students and administrators will become more connected. So [my end goal] is to just make a mark on my place there for the one year I have it.

What does the board hope to achieve this year?

We’re trying to make the school more student friendly and open. In the past, it was harder to reach out to students, especially those who didn’t want to partake in events. One of the things we’ve done so far is rebranding and changing pep rallies as well as upcoming events to make them more enjoyable and well rounded.

Why do you think it is important for students to participate in student council?

You need to have input from every single group, or every single person in the school and be able to take everyone from the school to create something better, and propel the way things go. It’s led me to a passion of not just willing to help others, but extending the reaches of that and my love for leadership and being able to take a group of people and make something extraordinary to say the least, that has really opened my eyes to what greater things are out there.

What is your favorite part about CHS9 and student council?

I feel like I’m really making a change in the school and I can see that we’re actually making a difference in the way school operates, plans and executes events. I love the people and to be able to walk through school and be able to say “hi” to all of my friends and teachers. The atmosphere is just really wonderful.

What is the biggest impact you hope to make this year as a member of the board?

The impact I would wish to leave with the executive board is that I really did change the school, and everyone can look back and see the year as more of a growing point than just another school year. I hope this year people will be more willing and open to learning and trying new things and overall having a wonderful year.

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