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Johan Padayatti

Johan Padayatti is a CHS9 student who currently serves on the Student Council Executive Board. Padayatti has been in student council and student leadership since sixth grade at Coppell Middle School West and enjoys helping others.

Who inspired you to join student council?

Mr. Frank [Coppell Middle School West Student council coordinator] always made student council a fun experience and gave a lot of opportunities to us all, whether it was volunteering or student leadership. The memories I made at West influenced my decision to join student council at CHS9. I love opportunities to make our school a better place. I can act almost as an ambassador for the students’ perspective towards the teachers. 

What challenges have you faced?

I was scared that – having only been [in Coppell ISD] since sixth grade – I didn’t know enough people to get elected, so I faced that challenge by running concurrently. Lindsey Yoo and I’s joint campaign had all of the demographics on the same team and we could help each other out.

What do you want to achieve this year?

I want to ease students into school [and] help them find opportunities and communities outside the athletics and academic fields. I want to help provide events that can make school fun while not deprioritizing athletics.

What is the board about?
Right now, we are almost liaisons between teachers and students. I want to help make sure every student has a more positive experience than they would’ve had otherwise. My main goal is to build communities for people; a safe, fun and happy environment where people feel taken care of. 

What do you do outside of school?
I go to church every Sunday – not just to pray but to interact with my community. I love hanging out, playing football, volunteering and watching sports with [my friends]. It can be a quick escape from how dreary the world is sometimes.

Why is volunteering and participating important?
Even us seven on the board have markedly different viewpoints. CHS9 helps to diversify our thoughts even more. Students benefit because they get experience working, they give support to kids in need and can learn how to serve their communities even more.

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